Bass — is the fish that lives everywhere, except, probably, the Far East. This fish is most active in early morning or twilight but can hunt during the whole day. Places bass prefer are usually thicket, bridges, piers, or moorings, where it can hide. Basses all live together, like a flock, and they can move for a long distance. It’s easy to notice places where they hunt — look for ripples on the water and fry which jumps.

Which Time Is the Best for Fishing Bass?

It depends a lot on the season. Mostly, you can find bass everywhere at any time of the year, but there are some exceptions. The best months for fishing for bass are March, May, June, August, September, and December. January and November are the worst. Let’s have a look at different circumstances.

Fishing for Bass in Winter

In winter, bass — like most other fish find the deepest places to hide. Usually, it stays there during the entire season, because everything a bass needs, can be found deep in the water as well. Lifehack: you still don’t need to go to the middle of a lake for a good catch because bass stays somewhere near the coast. Or you can find a place where the bottom is hard and covered with pebbles, for example.

Fishing for A Bass in Spring

It’s the time for spawning, which usually means that bass can hunt for big white fish, which is why they don’t leave their resting place. Bass love areas for breeding where the water is still and quiet. Also, they need some obstacles to overcome — to speed up the process. Only in May when spawning is finished, will bass swim away with their flock.

Fishing for Bass in Summer

The main conditions for bass in summer: calm flow, silt, reeds, or water lilies. They love to hide near bridges or berths. The bigger the bass, the more hidden places it lives.

Fishing for A Bass in Autumn

It’s getting cold, which means that all white fish are slowly going deeper, and the bass will follow them. With the first ice, the bass still can move around a lake or river for a while, but they begin to move less and less, staying more and more calm.

The Best Bass Lures Which Lures Are Better To Use

As we mentioned before, the bass is a predatory fish, but actually, it eats everything it can find. So, it’s not a problem to find a good lure. You still can orient it during the season. In winter, bass love to feed themselves with bloodworms, fry, or other small organisms. That means that the best bass lures you can use are fake lures, vertical spoon-bates, or a balancer. No matter if you use live bait or not. A balancer is comfortable for ice-fishing. 

In spring, bass can have a meal of caviar or worms. So, you can use silicon lures, an in-line spinner, or wobbler. Wobblers are great, even if you are a newbie. They usually have at least three hooks, and they can sink deeply. In summer, popper or wobbler or use something for fly-fishing. In the last case, it’s better to use two flies — by the way, it’s the right choice for winter too. In autumn, you can use live bait or jig-lures. Besides, you can use a live frog — but you should keep in mind that you can fish something else as well!

To sum up, the bass is an excellent fish to hunt all year round — you need only a few tips, where to find the fish and which are the best bass lures for each season!