Hi! Today I will tell you how to a spool a baitcaster reel. So the first thing you want to do when you’re splitting up your bait casting rail is you want to thread your line through every guide of the rod.

So after you’re done threading the line through all the guides on your nod, now you want to thread it through the line guide of the actual reel.

Thread the line through the line guy of the reel, it’s time to tie your knot.

So the first thing you want to do is tie one little overhand and not on the tag end of the line and cinch that up. Now it’s time to tie the double overhand. So you’ll just go under once, and then one more overhand knot.

And you want tighten that down to the spool. Once you’ve got that tightened, just pull on the main line. So what that does is pull the tag end to your double overhand knot. Once a tag and reaches, it’ll tighten up directly on the spool.

So once you’ve got that nice and tight, go ahead and cut the tag end off.

For spooling, a bait caster it helps to have a body. So what you want to do is get a pencil. Everybody hold the pencil, put it through the middle of the spool, and then he’ll hold both hands. So spooling bait casters this is important to remember you want the line to come off the top of the spool. Reason for that is you want it to go on the reel, the same way it came off that prevents line twist and back lashes.
So with your friend holding the spool, he’s going to put a little bit of tension on it and then I’ll put a little bit of tension on it, just a little bit in front of the reel. So once everybody’s all set, you just start reeling.

Now if you’re just spooling mono on your bait caster, just keep going until you’re one eighth of an inch from the top of the spool then you’re set. Now once you’ve got your backing on there, it’s time to start spooling up your braid.

So how to do that is you want to connect the backing line to your braid line or the main line. How to do that is with a double uni-knot. So what’d you want to do is you take the tag end of the backing and then also your braid. You’re going to want to make a loop with the braid and pinch it.

Now once you’ve made that loop, you’re going to make five wraps around the braid and the backing.

Once you’ve got your five wraps you just cinch it tight not all the way tight, pretty tight.

So now you want to do that on the same side on the other end. So you just want to reverse. So now this time you’re wrapping your backing around your braids. So you’ll make a loop and start wrapping five time.

Once you’ve got all your wraps in, you want to cinch that one pretty tight too, but not all the way tight. All right, that would be good.

So once you have your two knots, just pull them together. So the knots will come together, they fight against each other. That’s what creates the knot. Pull you to tag ends again and then your two main lines one more time to get it nice and tight.

Once it’s good and tight, clip off the tag ends.

Once you’re knot is tied, you’re ready to start spooling on the braid. Just the same procedure as before. You want the braid to come off the top of the spool and the person helping you to hold onto the pencil through the spool and add a little bit of tension.So after all that, all you have to do is start reeling. Just add a little bit of pressure, like before with the mono a little bit above the rod. So just keep going. And the same with the mono, once you get to about one eighth of an inch of the top of the spool, you’re all set.

It’s important not to over-spool it for line twist and back lashing.