Hi there! Let’s talk about basic fising gear. I’m basically just showing you the basic stuff that you need to go fishing. First thing you’ll need is rotten reel, which I don’t know if you have your own, but I think Peyton said you, you are using some of his dad’s fishing poles and Roz rail system. He has. AB here’s some little stuff that you can basically get anywhere like Walmart or something like that.

Fishing line

So first thing you’ll need, did you go and do some fishing line? That’s pretty much a given. Now this ball right here, you get 700 yards of 10 pound test and this was $2 and 50 cents and this is the cheapies at coke, or you can get something a little bit better. This is a vicious fishing. They sell this at any tackle store or Walmart, and it’s eight pound test, 330 yards. But I mean this was six bucks. So basically what you want to try to do is get anywhere between eight to 14 pound test and I got to do is look on, it should be right there it is. That’s how much weight it can handle. Of course, the smaller the test, the smaller the line, you know, and the bigger the test, the bigger the line. You don’t want none too big, so get anything between eight and 15 tried to keep it around 10 tends to pretty basic. We’re going to be doing.

Snap swivel

Next thing you’ll need is a snap swivel and they come and gold and silver just like these. And basically what they are is you tie a knot on the here on this side and it stays permanent and this thing you can just hook your lures onto your learners. Any type of a hook, anything like that. I spoke to like a site safety pen. You can get, don’t get the huge ones but don’t get like the teeny tiny stones you could find. Just get some pretty bicycle ones. It’s like for a dollar, you’d get like a pack of 15. They’re pretty cheap. Or there’s called snap swivels.


Next thing you’ll need, you’re gonna need some weights get BB sized. Nothing pack like this is like two bucks. Don’t get big ones.


Next thing you aid, get your cork. You can get a gigantic cork like this one are a little bitty one like this corner. And they’re pretty cheap. I mean they’re 50 cents. These are weighted, they have a little lid weight in them, but you can get them unweighted and like these, cause they just snap onto your line on both sides. The much easier than the old fashioned cork con and they’re like 50, 75 sentence pace.


Let’s get onto some learners real quick. These right here are called jigs and uh, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and whatnot. They’re pretty cheap. I can get a whole pack of these for like a 1$ 50. And Becka what they are is they’re a little bait for little fish and big fish a bottle, but they just flow in the water. Basically what it is, it’s just a little weight with the hook attached to it and some fuzzy stuff. They come and billions of millions of colors and different styles. You could have some that are rubber. You’ve got these little ones over here. You’re called sheds. They look like fish. I mean, but they’re cheap. They’re everywhere. I mean just by a few.

Beatle spins

Next thing is you got suspended or bites. Now these are called Beatle spins. Try to buy some of them and there are, this is a really small one. And basically what it is is it’s a Jag with a little silver spoon attached to it and it goes to the water just like this and this thing dispose causes vibrations and then they bite this and get a fish. They can get little ones like this.

You got the little ones like that and then you get like gigantic ones like this. But I just get a small one and then get a little worn a little bit bigger than that. They’re like a dollar a piece.

You can spend a lon of money on fishing or you can spend a little bit of money on fishing. But just get you some, a little spinner bait and anything, any kind of fake artificial energy by, I try to keep it earthly colors, yellows, browns, Greens, oranges. Don’t get anything drastic like pink or yellow, bright, bright yellow or like a purple, you know, don’t get anything crazy like that. Uh, for what fishing we’re doing.


Next thing you need, there’s some really small hooks. Just get you some small bronze beit holders or some cricket hooks. And again, they’re like, get a pack of 10 for a dollar at Walmart on the, on the shelf. He put a little fake warrant. I mean, not fake ones. She put live worms on here and this is what you used to catch small, white perch and Bluegill Brim. This right here is your standard Bass Hook. And uh, this is, this one’s about half the size of my pointer finger and that’s about the biggest you want to go. You don’t want to get something teeny tiny like this one, but we don’t have huge, huge bass. And the bigger that hook, the less bites you’re going to get because the smaller bass can’t bite bigger hooks. So I’ll just get you a few bats hooks like this and they’re pretty cheap too.


Next thing you all did, you want to get some worms. They’re pretty cheap. I must have at least 200 worms and I don’t use worms that often, but you do the basic thing and just get you some worms. Green or yellow, you can get like a pack for like $3 or $4. And uh, that’s what you need right there.

I’ve got some specialized bait. I’ve got some treble hooks that I used to catch car and a bunch of different size hooks, different types of corks. You know, I’ve got a lot of stuff, but that’s pretty much the basics of what you need. Basically all you need is a rod, a reel, some line and some bait. And, you know, fishing can be as expensive as you want or is not expensive as you want and you know, just, uh, go out and buy some of this basic stuff.