Hi there! Top four fishing hacks is going down today. So basically these are just a few tricks that I have learned along the way to make your day go a little bit easier on the water.

1. Rod sleeves

To avoid this simple problem and it can get very expensive with today’s prices and rods, all you have to invest in is some like four to $6 rod sleeves. These go over your rods, they protect your guides, they protect your line and they go in and out of cars and boat lockers. Very well. Small investment to save your heavy investment in Rod’s.

2. Memory in your fishing line

Let’s talk one on one right now, man to man. Do you ever get these? If you do, it’s probably from my experience, mostly due to line memory. Now, not all the time. Sometimes you just need a little bit more practice, but a lot of times after a few days, believe it or not, brand new line can get tremendous memory in it. You know the coils like that looked like an old telephone wire or something like that.

But I have a trick to relieve the stress and memory in your fishing line. First step is to find something to tie the end of your line around. My truck hitch works perfectly, but if you don’t have a truck hitch tied around, a tree tied around a basketball hoop, anything tied around and then keep walking until you have all of your castable line off your reel. And then once you get all your line out, real your line tight and hold it there for about 15 to 32nd you have this coil free, very lymph, very limber and easy to work with line fishing.

3. Snag around a tree

Hack number three, forget snag around a tree or a stump or rock or something like that and you can’t get it out. Especially it’s even worse when you’re fishing from the bank because you don’t want to get wet and everything. I got a small trick to help you get that bait out. Basically grab your line like this and snap it. I’ll do that one more time. Grab your line and as soon as you let go of that line before the line gets back down to the Bay Caster, just snap your rod.

4. Take your reel off

What you want to do is fishing hack number four, take your reel off so you don’t get it wet. Hold your line tight. That way you can throw your rod and when the rod tip hits the Lewer, it’ll pop out.